SATOU Kensaku

SATOU Kensaku

Kensaku performed at the closing ceremony for FIFA World Cup in France in 1998. He participated in the tour in Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland (2003),the tour for Southeast Asian countries supported by Japan Foundation (2005) as well as the tours in the USA and African countries and others.

He received the Rookie of the Year Award in the 63rd National Arts Festival organized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2008. In 2011, he performed with Noh performer, Reijiro Tsumura in Russia. In 2011−2014, his Fuji Project with free concerts were held in the affected areas in the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11. In 2016, he participated in Edinburgh Festival Fringe with his solo work, ONE. During the festival period, he was invited to play at BBC WORLD SERVICE [Global Beats] showcase. His performance went on the air all over the world.

He performed in the lecture-concerts organized by the Embassy of Japan in Finland in 2018 and 2020. In 2021, Kensaku performed in Tokyo Olympics closing ceremony. Kensaku is known as “the man chosen by the spirit of the Japanese drum” for his incomparable, powerful beats, his superb technical skill and the deep level of spirituality he brings to his performances.



1998 年サッカーワールドカップ・フランス大会閉会式にて大太鼓を演奏。2003年のポルトガル・スペイン・スイスでのヨーロッパツアーをはじめ、2005年の国際交流基金助成の東南アジアツアーやアメリカ、アフリカでの演奏ツアーに参加。2008 年文化庁主催「芸術祭」にて、和太鼓奏者初の新人賞受賞。2011年 観世流能楽師・津村禮次郎と共にロシア公演に出演。2011年〜2014年東日本大震災被災地無料公演「不二(ふじ)プロジェクト」を東北三都市にて主催し、祈りの太鼓を捧げる。

2016 年ソロ公演「ONE」でエディンバラ・フェスティバル・フリンジに初参加。フェスティバル期間中にイギリス国営放送BBCの番組「グローバルビーツ」に出演、その演奏が全世界で放送された。2018 年、2020 年在フィンランド日本国大使館主催公演。2021年東京オリンピック閉会式にて演奏。