tarinainanika is an international theatre company specialising in Corporeal Mime. Directors Kentaro Suyama and Tania Coke trained in London with Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum (last assistants of the founder of Corporeal Mime, Etienne Decroux) and were long-time members of their company, Theatre de l’Ange Fou. In 2010 Kentaro and Tania moved to Tokyo where they set up tarinainanika with the aim of developing Corporeal Mime in Japan through teaching and creating. In 2019 they relocated to Osaka where they renovated an old carpet warehouse. From their base at the Flying Carpet Factory they run the company as well as a school offering full-time training in Corporeal Mime. Despite the British connection this is their first time to participate in the Edinburgh Fringe. To make up for it, they are presenting not one but TWO of their pieces at the Fringe: Tokyo Fugue and The Same Boat. The company is excited to be sharing their work through this fantastic platform and looking forward to connecting with other performers, artists and theatre-lovers from the UK and across the globe.


20世紀フランス演劇界の巨匠エティエンヌ・ドゥクルーが構築した役者の身体芸術〈コーポリアルマイム〉を専門とするシアターユニット。主宰の巣山賢太郎とタニア・コークは長年ロンドンでコーポリアルマイム劇団に所属し、ドゥクルーの最後のアシスタントを務めたスティーヴン・ワッソン氏とコリン・スウム氏に師事。2011年にtarinainanikaシアターユニットを結成。コーポリアルマイムを継承する第三世代のアーティストとして、クリエーションとエデュケーションを軸に国内外で活動を展開している。身体性を重視した舞台作品やジャンルを超えたコラボレーション作品に積極的に携わり、従来の演劇の枠組みを押し広げるフィジカルシアターを開拓している。2020年からは大阪市東成区のアトリエFLYING CARPET FACTORYにおいて〈コーポリアルマイム舞台芸術学校〉を運営しており、フィジカルシアターを専門とする未来のアクター・クリエイターを育むカリキュラムを提供している。

Join the talk event online at 1pm (UK) 26 August. Find the details from the following link.


About Tokyo Fugue

A mesmerising piece of physical theatre, set in the maze-like train system of Tokyo. The scenes unfold like the variations of a fugue, in sequences of meticulously crafted movement. With three bodies and three chairs the piece conjures up the dizzying experience of life in a modern metropolis. The audience is left breathless and wondering: what is it, after all, that I am chasing? At times poetic, at times comical, at times unsettling, this is theatre that speaks to the soul.

Directed by Kentaro Suyama and Tania Coke

Performed by Kentaro Suyama, Tania Coke and Toshihiko Nishimura

Tokyo Fugueについて


演出:巣山賢太郎 タニア・コーク

出演:巣山賢太郎 タニア・コーク 西村俊彦

About The Same Boat

New physical drama that weaves together the longings and fears of five characters: a witch, a bitch, a goldfish, a sleepwalker and a salaryman. Their worlds collapse and collide to reveal a picture of the particular and universal condition of being human. It’s a rollercoaster-ride of a piece, containing moments of beauty, comedy, surrealism, pathos and passion.

Directed by Kentaro Suyama and Tania Coke

Performed by Nozomi Fujishima, Ryuta Kawai, Yukiko Masui, Kate Montgomery and Yukio Todo

The Same Boatについて


“We are all in the same boat…”(みんな同じ船に乗っている…)

演出:巣山賢太郎 タニア・コーク

出演:河合隆汰 増井友紀子 ケイト・モンゴメリ 藤堂幸男 藤島望